Spring Cleaning Ideas to Keep Your Home Fresh


Spring is the perfect time to accomplish your cleaning new year’s resolution! Take out the things you don’t use, clean, and decorate. Spring cleaning can be hard for some of us here in Mesa, AZ. We dread getting rid of the precious belongings we have acquired throughout the years. It can be hard to decide what things we want to donate but what can be even harder is choosing how we are going to decorate for spring. To help you with this dilemma, 1-800-Flowers Mesa has some flower decoration themes perfect for welcoming spring into your home!

Celebrate the end of winter and say hello to spring with vibrant colors. If you have neutral colored walls and furniture, adding a colorful floral arrangement can drastically change the mood of the room. Tall flower arrangements such as theSpectacular Blooms Bouquet are elegant but also add a little colorful fun! Don’t be afraid to use hot pink, yellows, and oranges to adorn your house after a good spring cleaning!

Bring the garden inside after spring cleaning. We all love buying local and fresh products why not incorporate this love into our home décor! Simple flower arrangements with gerberas such as the Garden Club Celebrations arrangements change your scenery in a subtle way. This spring season consider supporting the local community by buying decorations from farmer’s markets!

Even though it might be hard to spring clean, after is the perfect time to redecorate your home! Use nature, bright colors, pastels, fragrant flowers, and local products to embody the Spring spirit. As the flowers bloom in Mesa, AZ bring some inside your home. They are beautiful to see, touch, and smell. Make sure you visit your local florist in Mesa, AZ this Spring season to design the perfect floral designs that match your home décor.

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