3 Steps for Decorating a Killer Halloween Party

The idea of hosting a dead Halloween party is haunting for some. Invite all ghouls and goblins to your lair with confidence by following these three steps for decorating a killer Halloween party.

Puns aside, Halloween is the holiday to let your inner child run wild with creativity and twisted style. It is all fun and games until a trick or treater calls you “lame” for attempting to decorate your space for the holiday. It’s a downer.

Sure, we get busy and decorating for Halloween may not be your main priority. However, with the limits set before us in 2020, any excuse to have a little fun and change up our day-to-day scenery (at home) is a project worth tackling.

These are far from grueling steps to making this year’s Halloween party one that your guests will never forget.


STEP 1: Determine the Fright of the Night

Step one involves determining the level of fright you will need to accomplish with your Halloween party décor for the night. Not all Halloween parties are held to scare the sanity out of you. Some are held as a fun way to gather with family and/or friends. Others are thrown to keep the kids from going door to door without sacrificing on the candy and fun.

Whether you are in it for the boos or booze, you still need to decide what it is that your Halloween party décor will consist of. Scare levels and the menu for the party will need to be adjusted according to the age range of your guests. Once that is determined, decorating for your Halloween party becomes a lot easier.

STEP 2: Understand the Spooky Dos and Don’ts

Does the idea of hosting a cheesy Halloween party give you the creeps? For those 21 Halloween parties, the pressure to find the right Halloween party decoration ideas seem elevated to new heights.

There is something about Halloween that makes everyone -young and old- eager to be frightened, even if it is just a little. It is the anticipation of it the fright that makes the holiday unique. Just be careful to not overdo scare, because everyone’s level of anxiety and fear tolerance is different. Be sure to know your crowd.

Do dress up! It is a must for any Halloween party. Do decorate; Halloween is about creativity. Include everything from Halloween door decorations to Halloween yard decorations. Do go to other people’s Halloween parties and be willing to take on the work of hosting one at your home.

Don’t be the one to dress in something that is offensive and don’t let greed get in the way of having a good time this Halloween. Your Halloween yard decorations will contribute to the spirit of Halloween for young trick or treaters and the skulls and sugar skulls throughout your home will intrigue your Halloween party guests. Don’t limit the fun.

STEP 3: Set the Scene

When executing your desired level of fright for your Halloween party, it is important to set the scene both with the Halloween décor in your home and your outdoor Halloween decorations. In order to avoid missing something, be sure to investigate the well-trafficked areas at your Halloween party. They should be covered with critters and scary scenes- from fake bugs in the soap dispensers to creepy, dummy clowns hiding in unexpected places.

In order to determine these spaces, walk the perimeter of your space and determine where you want your guests to be gathering most- both inside and out.

A Bad Halloween Party – It’s a Crime.

If you are looking for a fun and creepy-ish Halloween décor style, set your house up like a crime scene. This Halloween party theme can start outside and make its way through the house. It is inspiring idea for those looking for how to decorate for a Halloween party inside their home or banish their guests to the haunted garage Halloween party. This theme is ideal for those wondering how to decorate their garage for a Halloween party.

Regardless of the type of Halloween party you are looking to host, it is only appropriate to have some fun with the season’s most iconic symbol- the pumpkin. Part of the fun of hosting a Halloween party is the prep. Decorate your pumpkin to complement your Halloween décor in a fun and festive way. It doesn’t have to be creepy to be festive.

Equally fun to utilize in Halloween décor that can be both creepy and fun is skulls and sugar skulls. Incorporate them in your outside Halloween décor and add them throughout the rest of your indoor Halloween décor, as they can be made up for a scary Halloween theme or down for an adorably creepy, laid-back Halloween style.

Hosting a Halloween party is a little throwback kind of fun. No matter your age, Halloween is an anticipated time of the year. What other day of the year allows you to dress up as your favorite characters from childhood without people batting an eye?

Halloween is an escape from reality- a freeing feeling. Of course, the most popular part of Halloween is ALL... THE...FREE... CANDY, so the scariest thing about a Halloween party would be the lack of. Don’t make that mistake.

Of course, our specialty is flowers. We wouldn’t recommend adding in dead flowers to your Halloween décor display, but we have just the floral recipes to whip up for an enchanting style. A potion of florals with Halloween icons and worn style can trap the eye and invoke the feelings of the night.

Our florists at 1-800-Flowers Mesa serving areas around Mesa, AZ are here to help make your Halloween décor as fun, spooky or creative as your heart desires. In order to host a killer Halloween party, you must love the holiday and the decor... to death.

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